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Awaken to Your Untapped Potential

The mind-body has an extraordinary capacity for self-repair. At Emanant Solutions we will utilize all of the body's wisdom in pursuit of your health and your purpose - trust in its innate ability to heal, and embrace the journey towards holistic wellness.

I help you (re)gain and (re)discover your own vitality & inner resources.

Recover from Burnout | Reclaim Your Post-Pregnancy Well-Being | Bounce Back from Adrenal Fatigue | Make Friends with Menopause | Choose Wisely with a Life-Changing Diagnosis

Life transitions may pose challenges, causing confusion and overwhelm that manifests itself in confusing and uncomfortable physical symptoms as well as troubling dynamics within a family system. But transitions are also fertile ground where personal growth and familial healing takes root. At times like these, seeking the partnership of a health coach & kinesiologist is an act of strength and wisdom.


At Emanant Solutions, the journey toward fulfillment and purpose is fundamentally grounded in constant Learning. There is no greater gift than knowledge, and each Emanant Solutions session will impart the gift of self knowledge - allowing you to move closer to your Goals.

I will work with you to help you discover which foods, lifestyle, and mental/emotional choices choices make you feel most vital. I will support you to get more deeply in touch with your own intuition, transcend limiting beliefs, and to create the life that you want. 

We co-create each session together, based on the presenting challenges, in order to design a  Wellness experience for that person. Each person is individual and may Emerge from their 'stuck state' in different ways, which is why we draw on a multitude of strategies and allow the body to do the talking. You choose.

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